Zyxel NSG50 Nebula Cloud Managed Security Gateway ( IDP, DHCP, NAT, QoS and VLAN management)


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Out-of-the-box Cloud-managed GatewayThe Zyxel Nebula gateways can be quick and easy deployed at a remote location through nearly zero-touch cloud provisioning. It automatically pulls policies and configuration settings, receives seamless firmware upgrades and security signature updates from the cloud without the need for on-site networking expertise.Easy Setup, Simple ManagementNebula cloud interface provides site-wide visibility and control that enable administrators to manage event logs, traffic statistics, bandwidth consumption, networked clients and application usage without access to the individual devices.Zero-touch VPN ConnectionsEstablish VPN to keep branch locations securely connected is easier than ever. With the Zyxel Nebula Security Gateway, either site-to-site or hub-and-spoke VPN connections can be configured with complete simplicity through few clicks in the Nebula Control Center, without complex VPN configuration steps.Powerful security pack free for a yearEvery Nebula Security Gateway comes bundled with a one-year subscription to the Nebula Security Pack, which better protects your networks through IDP, Application Patrol, Content Filtering, and Anti-Virus security services.IDP guards your business from a wide range of attacks and suspicious activities such as SQL injection and DoS Application Patrol helps boost productivity and prevent bandwidth abuse by prioritizing, throttling, and blocking unnecessary applications and Content Filtering uses categorization and URL filtering to stop users from accessing malicious and inappropriate sites. Finally, the Anti-Virus acts as a bulwark against malware including viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, and rogue ware, being the first line of defense for your networks.

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