Wyrestorm CAB-HAOC-40-C, 4K HDR 4:4:4 60Hz Active Optical HDMI Cable, detachable head, 40m


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18Gbps Hybrid Active Optical HDMI Cable with Detachable Head Next generation active optical HDMI cables designed for next generation 4K UHD with HDR content, the WyreStorm CAB-HAOC delivers uncompressed full bandwidth 18Gbps HDMI content using the latest transmission technology while supporting additional HDMI features such as CEC and ARC. A detachable Type-A HDMI plug on the receive side enables easy installation by reducing the head size to just 14mm.Key Features Uncompressed optical transmission of 18Gbps HDMI content at 4K/60 444 or HDR at 60Hz Compatible with latest HDR standards including HLG, HDR-10 and Dolby Vision Perfect for use in environments with excessive EM or RF interference Removable Type-A HDMI head and 14mm Type-D HDMI head allows easy installation ARC and CEC enabled for true native HDMI communication Supports HDCP 2.2 content encryption Supplied coiled on spool for easy installation CPR, Plenum UL certifiedUNCOMPRESSED 18GBPS OVER FIBERThe highest possible bandwidth that currently exists according to the HDMI 2.0 specification can be sent, uncompressed with WyreStorms hybrid AOC cables using the latest optical transmission technology.DETACHABLE RX HEADTo ease the installation process when running the cable from the source/head end, the Type A head on the RX can be removed, leaving just a tiny 14mm Type D head which can easily be pulled through trunking or conduit. Simply reconnect the Type A head on the other end for connection to equipment.COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST HDCP 2.2 CONTENTBeing essentially a long HDMI cable, source devices see this cable as such meaning that complicated electronics to handle encryption handshaking are not required meaning a cheaper extension solution.HIGH RESISTANCE TO EM OR RF INTERFERENCEThe only electronic signals are kept within the 1 HDMI head, meaning that electronically noisy environments such as industrial or retail premises previously were unsuitable for copper transmission. Using optical transmission over 4 fibre cores, the CAB-HAOCs provide a much stronger, more reliable signal.In the box1x Hybrid Active Optical HDMI Cable2x Reusable Cable Ties1x Type D-A HDMI Head converter2x Retaining Screws for HDMI head1x Micro USB power cable back up only1x Quickstart Guide

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