Vaddio EasyMic Ceiling Mic – White Version


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Next-generation echo-canceling ceiling microphone pod provides a 360-degree pickup pattern.Key Features Design allows for custom ceiling drop cable length and easy installation Three element array head with LED mute status indicator Supports both reference and non-referenced AEC Works with Vaddio products designed with an EasyMic portCeilingMIC complements most interiors with its sleek design featuring smooth lines and quality acoustical fabric wrap. These overhead microphones are a more economical alternative to a custom installation. Compared to table microphones, ceiling-mounted microphones create a clean look in your conference room or meeting space, and eliminate table clutter. Vaddios CeilingMIC is ideal for drop tile ceilings and open-ceiling environments as well.With full 360-degree pickup coverage, one CeilingMIC provides excellent coverage for an average size meeting room table. For larger tables, a second CeilingMIC provides additional coverage.The effective range for each Vaddio conference room microphone is about 3.7 m under most circumstances.Each CeilingMIC unit delivers the performance of three microphone elements built into a single pendant hanging enclosure. Each unidirectional cardioid microphone element is equipped with integrated echo cancellation and Digital Signal Processing DSP, including equalization, filtering and automatic gain control AGC. The DSP in a companion product such as the Vaddio AV Bridge MATRIX PRO or EasyUSB Mixer/Amp provides an AEC reference from far end and applies it to individual mic elements, so conference calls are crystal clear on both ends of the conversation.With its plug-and-play design, installation is as simple as connecting a Cat-5 cable between the CeilingMIC microphone interface box and the EasyMic-compatible Vaddio equipment. Power, control and audio are all incorporated into the single cable. The CeilingMIC supports lengths of up to 30m of Cat-5 cable between its interface box and EasyMIC ports. In addition, its lightweight, simplified ceiling box means faster, easier installations.Cable lenghtsThe CeilingMIC pendant includes a 0,9m adjustable drop cable and with a standard RJ45 jack connection, the pendant can be extended to a total length of 5 meters from the interface box.The cable between the interface box and the EasyMIC ports on the camera can be max 30m long.In the box CeilingMIC microphone black or white Silicone split strain relief boot black or white 0,9m Cat-5 cable black or white CeilingMIC interface box Cable clamp grommet 2x Ceiling trim ring plates black or white with mounting screws Ceiling tile brace Installation Guide

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