UPS AEG Protect B 1000 1000VA/700W USB


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The new Protect B series has been specially refined for applications in the SME and SoHo segment and is perfect for protecting NAS systems, ATMs, 3D printers, workstations, PCs, and other IT applications. In particular, the standard HID power device interface enables software-independent communication and allows the UPS to be integrated directly into a network-attached storage NAS management system. The Protect NAS model also has a much longer autonomy time in the lower partial load range when operated fanless. This makes the Protect NAS ideal for office and home environments.Protect B / NAS – DescriptionThe VI line interactive technology of the Protect B provides reliable protection for your sensitive company data in the event of power failure, dangerous power surges, and HF interference. More substantial voltage fluctuations are systematically offset via the voltage pre-regulator AVR of the Protect B.More extensive monitoring and management tasks in the IT environment can still be carried out by the AEG CompuWatch shutdown software provided.A redesigned, high-contrast LCD display provides information on all key operating conditions and, in particular, on the remaining autonomy time with the current load and power failure.The systematically refined hardware design with battery-saving charging electronics guarantees many years of use. The UPS front panel makes it easy to replace the batteries.

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