UPS AEG Protect A.500 LCD 500VA/300W USB/RS232


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Protect A is a uninterruptible power supply designed to provide mains power protection and battery back-up for desktop systems and network peripherals. The internal battery provides several minutes runtime when the mains power fails load dependent. Typical applications for this are office PCs & workstations, retail terminals, as well as network and telecom peripherals, Industry 4.0 data logging, Internet of Things IoT devices, TVs, satellite receivers and media systems. The UPS features an informative front panel with two USB ports convenient for smartphone and tablet charging and is designed for easy plug and play installation.- Line interactive VI technology- Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR protects from brownouts, sags and surges- Double mains filtering from spikes and transient voltages- Plug & Play installation with mains and output cables supplied- Sealed lead-acid maintenance free battery with deep-discharge protection- Silent operation fan-less design and auto restart on mains power return

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