TOTEN System G, 19″ golvskåp, 18U, 600×800, glasdörr fram, metalldörr bak, 800kg last, svart


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TOTEN System G, 19 cabinet, 18U, 600×800, glass front door, metal rear door, 800kg load, blackMachine-made cabinet where all parts are cut out with laser, punched with hydraulic turret and welded by robots to achieve absolute precision. All sharp edges are rounded and then assembled and quality assured according to ISO 9001.The 19 units are mounted on four columns made of a patented zinc alloy. A material that helps to counteract electrostatic damage, is strong enough for repeated installations and has a dirt-resistant surface structure. The columns are adjustable for- and backwards in increments of 25 millimeters. They also have well-designed holes for cable handling and have a clear Unit-marking that is also visible when the units are mounted.The roof offers space for the TOTEN Modular Fan System with practical exterior mounting and providing a selectable cooling capacityAt the bottom, there are step-wise openable cable glands for up to 1000 network cables as well as separate holes for power cables.

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Dimensioner80 × 60 × 98.8 cm
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