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A rugged case that does not make your slim device big and bulky. Dux provides best-in-class protection for your iPad with a patented magnetic closure and tough, reinforced corners to protect from inadvertent drops. A clear polycarbonate back panel allows for easy ID or a creative touch of customisation. It also passed its military inspection with flying colors, exceeding U.S. Department of Defense Standard 810F/G drop testing protocols.we believe good enough isnt good enoughSo, we make it a point to go above and beyondeven in the way we test our products. Military standards for drop testing require that a product like Dux be able to maintain all operating functions after plummeting 26 times for a height of 4 feet. We subjected Dux to our own extreme testing at 6.6 feet. It passed. And that calls for the best drop of alla mic drop.if youre looking to make a case all your own, the choice is clearWe use completely transparent materials for our back panel that allow you to customize your device with personal images, scan a tagging barcode, or simply let the beauty of your device shine through. But theres one more thing we want to make perfectly clear this stylish case still provides the maximum level of protection for your digital gear.we believe a battery should only be running when a device is in useChances are, you probably feel like youre charging and recharging your digital devices more often than youd like. Its just the nature of the beast. So, we just thought wed do our part in helping you maximize the time between juicing up. Our instant on/off cover wakes up your tablet when its open and puts it to sleep when its closed. Its a real battery lifesaver.

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