STM Blazer (15″) – royal purple


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Sometimes theres no need for the whole story. All you want are the essentials. Like opting for a simple sleeve instead of that do-it-all backpack. An easy grab n go place to pack a laptop and tablet, and maybe some accessories and papers. Nicely tailored with a mix of durable yet casual styling, consider adding a Blazer to your wardrobe.A Form-Fitting Sleeve with 360-Degree Protection Against Unintended DropsBecause the best impact protection is impact preventionFinding a bag to carry your digital gear is easy. The hard part is finding one to safeguard and protect those devices. Our protective suspended tech cell not only defends your stored laptop or tablet it elevates it above the bottom of the bagkeeping it away from the impact zone.Zippers Reverse Thinking Was a Technological Leap ForwardTo show ones teeth is a demonstration of strength or power. But in the case of our reverse coil zippers, not showing the teeth is what makes this closure so tough. We position the slider on the flatter side and feature a fabric covering over the teeth to help keep out dirt and moisture.Made with fabrics that enable you to weather any conditionCrafted from environmentally-friendly, free of perfluorooctanoic acid DWR C6 plus two coatings of polyurethane followed by the inner lining thats treated with yet another coating of PU, our water-repellant packs and briefs let you protect your stuff while you protect the planet.

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