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Sphero RVR littleBits Topper Kit combines the best of Sphero withthe best of littleBits in an easy and approachable kit. The SpheroRVR Topper allows you to fully utilize RVRs onboard capabilitieswith littleBits adaptability to create your own inventions.You can also use your littleBits RVR Topperin Spheros Global ChallengeKEY FEATURES & BENEFITSPromotes CollaborationAssign one group the programming andanother engineering and see what the cancreate together.Mobilize your InventionsUtilize RVRs onboard power source to poweryour littleBits invention and make it mobilewith RVRs all terrain treads.IR SensorsProgram RVRs IR sensors to interact with thelittleBits IR remote trigger to create mazes,gates and other inventions.littleBits microbit adapterConnect littleBits newest bit – microbit adapterto program both littleBits and RVR in the sameplatform – Microsoft MakeCode or microbitpython editor.CODING CAPABILITIESMicrosoft MakeCodeMicrosoft MakeCode is a free, opensource platform for creating engagingcomputer science learning experiencesthat support a progression path intoreal-world programming. Students newto coding can start with colored blocksthat they can drag and drop onto theirworkspace to construct their programs.Python Editor for microbitmicrobit Python editor is designed withteachers and learners in mind you caneasily enlarge the text size for sharing ona large screen or whiteboard, downloadprojects as Python text files or .HEX filesready to flash onto a microbit. It alsoworks with microbit classroom.WHATS IN THE BOX? p3 power bit p7 power bit Button Remote Trigger 2x Proximity Sensor Buzzer Number bit 2x Wire Latch Servo Split microbit adapter Single USB cable Split USB cable Mechanical Arm Servo Mount Hook and loop Bit Shoes Adhesive Bit Shoes littleBits Mounting Board Twist ties 1 Quick Start Guide

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