Sony VPL-FHZ90/B, LCD/Laser, 9000 AL, 1.3-1.96:1, Lensshift, 26kg, HDBaseT, Black


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These high-brightness 3LCD laser projectors offer stunning image quality with excellent reliability. Ideal for auditoriums, lecture theatres, halls and larger venues, theyre also great for teaching in brightly-lit classrooms.A bright and vibrant imageGrab their attention – and keep it. The projectors very high light output 12,000 lumens VPL-FHZ120L, 9,000 lumens VPL-FHZ90L ensures presentations with extra presence. Youll impress audiences in larger venues, from conference halls and lecture theatres to galleries, museums and visitor attractions.Unforgettable imagesSecure your competitive edge with visibly superior pictures – thanks to the combination of a newly developed 1-inch 3LCD panel and optical compensator with our unique Z-Phosphor Laser Light Source. It adds up to bright, beautiful images, bursting with fine detail and rich, sumptuous colours.Even richer coloursThe VPL-FHZ120L offers the ideal solution for auditoriums and conference halls, which require AV solutions for live performances and ceremonies. Additionally, the projector supports sRGB100% mode making it suitable for applications often found in exhibitions and museums which require precise colour reproduction.Made for flexible installationDont restrict your thinking. Youll appreciate the flexibility of industry-leading lens shift adjustment range and a wide choice of interchangeable lenses – giving more options to install the projector in any space, including classrooms and halls with high ceilings.Deliver your messageMake sure your audience is always in the picture. Directly present HTML content – like corporate logos, images or information notices – over the network or from removable USB memory.Beautifully consistentAuto calibration maintains precise colour consistency over extended operating periods. Its especially valuable for environments like museums and galleries where you cant afford to compromise the artists original vision.Dont keep them waitingQuick start-up saves time with every presentation. Switch on the VPL-FHZ120L and VPL-FHZ90L and youre ready to start projecting at full brightness in moments. So you wont keep a room full of students waiting to see your point.Instant recallMemorise and instantly recall up to six projector settings for image size, position and aspect ratio, saving valuable time for different environments and applications.Requires optional VPLL-Z4111 lensGet closer to realitySonys advanced Reality Creation technology analyses the input signal right down to the pixel level. Powerful pattern matching enhances crispness of on-screen images and text without adding digital picture noise.

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