Sony VPL-CH370, LCD, 5000 AL, 29dB (S-Eco), 1,5-2,2:1, Lensshift, 5,7kg


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A great fit for demanding middle and large classrooms and meeting rooms where cost is criticalThe VPL-CH370 delivers an outstanding brightness of 5000 lumens and ultra high-quality images with WUXGA resolution. Sony 3LCD BrightEra panel technology provides higher picture quality, substantially brighter images, higher efficiency, consistent colour stability and longer durability. It also delivers installation flexibility, environment-friendly features, and a low total cost of ownership, in a stylish design that blends into any decor. The lens shift/zoom capability and the image correction features easily allow users to fit any image onto the screen, even from an offset projection angle.Additionally, the projector is economically designed for optimum energy efficiency, thanks to its energy saving features and has all the features and functionality that you would expect from Sony, particularly in terms of installation, projection, usability and maintenance.Key Features High resolution WUXGA image – Incredible WUXGA resolution detail 1920 x 1200. Extremely clear and detailed high-quality images are projected, even on a large screen. 3LCD BrightEra Technology – Advanced 3LCD BrightEra panels produce a high brightness of between 4,000 and 5,000 lumens with increased reliability and natural, vivid colour reproduction. Lens Shift Function – With fine lens shift range adjustment of /- 5% vertical and /- 4% horizontal, the projector can be positioned for picture-perfect projection and greater installation flexibility, avoid any minor ceiling obstacles. 1.51 to 2.21 Throw ratio – VPL-CH370 offer a throw ratio that can accommodate most medium to large classrooms or meeting rooms. Advanced energy-saving features – Advanced lamp technology enables robust energy-saving features. Auto Light Dimming mode offers greater brightness control and saves considerable energy when the projector is left on when not in use. During projection, Auto Picture Mode automatically adjusts light output to suit the projected scene. When you need to mute the picture temporarily, light output can be completely deactivated to minimise energy consumption.

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