SMS Func Mobile Shelf – Shelf for Func Mobile and W/F solutions, Black


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SMS Func Mobile Shelf – When your presentation lies on several levels.Func Mobile Shelf is an excellent place for accessories for your large display. It fits both Func Mobile and Func Mobile Motorized as well as Func Wall/Floor. The flexible design gives the opportunity to adjust the shelf height along the legs of the stand. When used on Func Mobile Motorized the shelf must be mounted after the display and with the motor legs in the lowest position to be sure the display cannot touch the shelf.When using the shelf together with Func Mobile Motorized, the access to the storage box will be limited. Preferable mounting is on the back of stand.TECHNICAL INFORMATION FINISH Black or White MAXIMUM LOAD 10 kg DIMENSIONS 644×336 mm WARRANTY 5 years.PRODUCT VARIANTS C220006-1A – Func Mobile Shelf, Black C220006-4A – Func Mobile Shelf, WhiteFunc Mobile Shelf FITS FMN091001 – Func Wall/Floor, Black FMN091002 – Func Wall/Floor, White FMN031001 – Func Mobile, Black FMN031002 – Func Mobile, White FMT031001 – Func Mobile Motorized Black, EU FMT031002 – Func Mobile Motorized White, EU

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Dimensioner66 × 35 × 10 cm
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