SMS Func Mobile Motorized Flipster 2 EU VESA 300×300-400×400 Max 50kg White


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Up to 65 – move, rotate, adjust the heightThe updated Func Mobile Motorized Flipster 2 will help you move around, rotate, and – perhaps best of all – height-adjust your touch display.The stable and easy-accessible design is perfect forSamsung FlipFlip 2 in 55 and 65Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 55And other rotating touch displays. Now also with VESA 350×350 and 400x200You can easily flip the display from landscape to portrait orientation by hand no tools needed Furthermore, the smooth and quiet motorized height adjustment ensures that the user can work ergonomically, whether very tall, short, standing up or sitting down – the Func Mobile Motorized Flipster is excellent for people with different needs.A storage box is included. The neat wheel base and sturdy, lockable wheels 100 mm, makes the unit easy to handle. The floorstand is developed for touch displays up to 65.Max 65 can be rotated in lowest position of the floorstand. Finish White.

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Dimensioner158 × 64 × 22 cm
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