SCP 22/2ESH-LSZH – 0,326mm² 2-Conductor Bal. Audio Cable, Low Smoke/Zero Halogen, 305m Box, Gray


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SCPs Line Level Analog Audio cables are balanced high performing audio and control distribution cables for a wide range of AV applications. These cables provide superior signal-to-noise ratio and will maintain high signal levels over distance.SCP Line Level Analog Audio cables are to be used only in permanent or semi-permanent installations.These Line Level Analog cables are available in one or two individually foil-shielded, twisted pairs with color coded conductors red/black green/white and a flexible LSZH or PVC jacket that is easy to handle, strip, and terminate.Applications Permanent or Semi-Permanent Installations Connecting Line Level Analog Audio Microphone and Intercom Distribution Power-Limited Control Circuits Security Systems Recording Studios Rack CablingSCP 22/2ESH-LSZH Line Level Analog Audio cables are designed to carry the left and right analog line-level audio signals. These cables are not built to carry a lot of current, because line-level audio is all about fidelity before the audio is amplified to the speaker level. This is why SCPs Line Level Analog Audio cables dont look like speaker cables… because they are really signal cables.SCP Line Level Analog Audio Cables are UL and CL2 In-Wall rated.

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Dimensioner32 × 26 × 32 cm
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