Samsung 85″ WM85R Flipboard 2.0 UHD 220nits 16/7 Speaker Tizen 5.0 Wi-Fi 4pt IR-touch


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Create the next generation of learningSamsungs Flip WM85R is an optimized solution to meet the digital demands of modern education. Flip is an easy to use digital board, providing smooth pen and brush mode, enhanced connectivity options and a variety of convenient features on a larger 85-inch, UHD display.Key Features Intuitive pen and brush mode with multi writing up to 10 on any background for optimized classroom engagement Versatile connectivity options and easy sharing for seamless education experience Powerful touch out function on larger 85-inch UHD display for impactful learning Various form options and screen saver for always-on and effective student engagement Advanced control with 6-digit lock system and Remote Management solution for easy and simple managementMulti writing for up to 10 on larger sized displayFlip provides an intuitive tool for up to 10 people to use simultaneously. Students can write, solve math problems and draw pictures all at the same time on the large, 85-inch clear UHD display. These intuitive features ensure that all participants can actively and directly take part in various classenvironments to increase class effi ciency, engagement and ultimately enjoyment.Multiple connection optionsA versatile selection of connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, DP, NFC, screen sharing and the recently added OPS slot, ensures the Flip is accessible from a variety of devices. When teaching a class, the Flip works seamlessly in the background to allow teachers to focus on engaging their students.Synchronized screen viewingTeachers are able to connect their personal devices to the Flip using the touch out function, controlling the content on display in real-time while having the fl exibility to move around. Any edits made to the content on-screen will also be mirrored back to the personal device and vice versa for efficient collaboration.Varied formats for any classroom needsSamsung Flip provides a variety of templates and tools from timetables to schedule calendars to strategy boards that can be used in class and school environments. Instead of writing on physical paper and discarding it, teachers and students can increase effi ciency and enjoyment with a permanently available, digitally displayed template.

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