Samsung 55″ VH55R-R, 1920×1080, 700nits, 24/7, Signage Player Box (Option), 0,88mm Bezel


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Seamless video walls with razor-thin bezelsWith an exceptionally narrow bezel measuring just 0.44 mm and equipped with Samsungs advanced picture enhancement technology along with wide viewing angles, the VHR-R delivers an impactful and seamless experience. Its modern, slim design allows the display to blend into any business environment.Key Features Razor-thin 0.44mm even bezel design delivers one immersive, seamless image. Wide viewing angles enable clear image presentation for more viewers in large spaces 700 nit brightness and non-glare panel provide high visibility 24/7. Picture enhancement technology delivers optimized visualsNearly invisible 0.44 mm bezelAn Exceptionally thin 0.44mm even bezel – a 0.88 mm bezel-to-bezel depth – enables content to be delivered as one seamless image. Additionally, the display helps to eliminate any potential image distortion and provides a more immersive viewing experience.Convenient mobile calibrationSamsungs Color Expert Pro Mobile solution provides a quick and easy video wall calibration through a mobile camera. With the solutions intuitive UI, even non-expert users can adjust up to 5×5 video walls white balance simultaneously without the need for additional equipment.Samsung Color Export Pro Mobile is only available on certain smartphone models.Comprehensive calibrationSamsungs multi-step factory calibration process tunes video walls to uniform brightness and color throughout multiple displays. In addition to rigorous factory calibration, users can also manage brightness and color uniformity with Samsungs Color Expert Pro, a powerful free software program.Advanced UHD presentationSamsung video walls provide an impressive UHD viewing experience with minimal effort. With daisy chain design utilizing DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI ports, the VHR-R display can project UHD content across multiple screens up – to 5 x 5 – without requiring an external graphic card or UHD splitters.Intuitive all-in-one operationsThe UHD Signage Player Box combines information processing and content management tools into a single platform, for added operational simplicity. Weighing just 0.6 kg, even with embedded MagicINFO S Player 6 and SSSP 6, the compact design of the box makes it an ideal solution.

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