Samsung 46” OM46N-D, 1920×1080, 3000/1000nits, 24/7, SSSP6 Mediapl. Tizen OS, IP5X, Dual sided


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Present bright content on a dual-displayThe OMN-D Series features a double-sided screen, with each side adjusted for the environments in which it is utilized. The window-facing sides 3000nit brightness helps maintain picture integrity regardless of sunlight, while the in-store side features 1000nit, delivering information clearly.Key Features Ultra-high brightness emphasizing content, regardless of the lighting conditions Slim and contemporary design that seamlessly integrates into any display window Easy content management with a built-in management solution 1x HDMI in indoor side, 1x HDMI in outdoor sideModernize space with flexible designThe OMN-D Series can be easily mounted on a stand or hung from a ceiling, giving retailers more options for positioning. The smart design creates a clean look and offers flexibility in how valuable floor space is designed and utilized.Maximize operational efficiencyThe OMN-D Series frees up space, offering retailers more room to market themselves to potential customers on both sides with one display. The display is easily activated with one electric power cord and one LAN cable, drastically reducing cord clutter and increasing energy efficiency.Streamline content managementThe OMN Series embedded MagicINFO Player S6, backed by the powerful TIZEN operating system, boosts the displays overall performance, allowing for easy content management and ensuring seamless content transition and playback.

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Dimensioner112.3 × 23.6 × 68.6 cm
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