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R-Go Premium Mobile Set – QWERTY NordicThis set includesR-Go HE Break Mouse, Ergonomic mouse, Anti-RSI software, Medium Hand Size 165-185mm, Right Handed, WiredThe R-Go HE Mouse Break is an ergonomic vertical mouse that ensures a natural, relaxed position of your arm and hand and uses colour signals to indicate whether you are taking enough breaks.The LED colour signals indicate whether you are working in a healthy way in other words, whether you are taking enough breaks. Green means good, orange means you should take a break, and red means you skipped a break or have exceeded your total daily mouse time. Using the so-called traffic light colours, you receive feedback about your healthy break behaviour in a simple and positive way. The mouse will encourage you to take breaks on a regular basis. These vital interruptions help prevent overburdened muscles and tendons in the arm and hand, stimulate blood flow in the body, and help you often unconsciously change your behaviour in a simple way.- With pause indicator- Natural ergonomic shape- Stimulates blood circulation- Customizable buttonsR-Go Split Ergonomic Keyboard, QWERTY Nordic, black, wiredThis keyboard offers all the ergonomic features you need to type in a healthy way.Its compact design ensures that while using both the keyboard and mouse, your hands always remain within shoulder width. The two components can be placed in any desired position. This unique design prevents reaching with the arm and ensures a natural and relaxed position of the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Thanks to the light keystroke, there is a minimal amount of muscle tension while typing. The thin design ensures a relaxed, flat position of the hands and wrists while typing. The keyboard is lightweight and because it consists of two parts, it easily fits into any laptop bag.- 2 parts for maximum freedom- With pause indicator- Ultra thin for better blood circulation- Light keystroke for minimum muscle tension- Easy to take with youR-Go Riser Flexible Laptop Stand, adjustable, blackThe R-Go Riser Laptop Stand is an ergonomic laptop stand. You can set the R-Go Riser at five different heights.- Lightweight ultrathin aluminium- Adjustable- Made in the Netherlands- Stimulates a straight posture- Easy to carry

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