R-Go Basic Mobile Ergonomic Set – QWERTY (Nordic)


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R-Go Basic Mobile Set – QWERTY NordicThis set includesR-Go HE Mouse, Ergonomic mouse, Medium 165-195mm, Right Handed, wiredThe HE Mouse has a vertical grip which provides a neutral, relaxed position of the hand and wrist. You move from the forearm instead of your wrist, which prevents RSI. The mouse fits comfortably in your hand, and supports your wrist and fingers.- Natural ergonomic shape- Stimulates blood circulation- Customizable buttons- Award winning designR-Go Compact Keyboard, QWERTY NORDIC, black, wiredThe Ergo Compact Keyboard QWERTY is a compact ergonomic keyboard. During simultaneous use of keyboard and mouse, the hands will always remain within shoulder width. This gives the shoulder and elbow naturally relaxed positions which will help prevent strain complaints such as RSI.- Ultra thin for better blood circulation- Light keystroke for minimum muscle tension- Prevents reaching for the mouse- Easy to take with youR-Go Riser Attachable Laptop Stand, integrated, adjustable, blackThe R-Go Riser Attachable Laptop Stand is an ergonomic addition to your laptop. This laptop stand is made of aircraft aluminium and is only 1.2 mm thick. It sets your laptop to the desired height.- Lightweight ultrathin aluminium- Adjustable- Made in the Netherlands- Stimulates a straight posture- Easy to carry

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