QPAD – MK 95 PRO Mechanical Switchable Keyboard


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QPADMK95 Pro Gaming Mechanical Switchable switch Keyboard, with RGB backlit and Palmrest, Painting keycap, NORDIC layout.-The brand new QPAD MK95 switchable optical switch Keyboard combines two different keystroke feelings and feedback, Linear and Clickly. That provides you with two options depending on your purpose or Game. There is one switch on the right-top with light indector for changing the key type, also shows you what kind of switch type you are using, red or blue. You just switch the pole to changeall the key feeling in one second. Without doubt, high durability always is the main topic. The brand new QPAD MK95 switchable switch provides over 60million keystrokes. -The volume roller offer the fast volume adjusting, just slide the roller to change the volume through one finger -The special designed magnetic soft leather handrest offers more comfort for your wrists even in long battles and makes it easy to plug/unplug. -The RGB lightning of the keyboard can be easily customized to gamers needs and preferences. -The keyboard frame is built with aircraft level aluminum to provide a rock-solid protection for your weapon of choice.

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Dimensioner51.2 × 20.7 × 7.6 cm
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