QPAD – DX 120 FPS Gamig Mouse


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The brand new QPAD DX 120 re-invents the era of FPS Gaming-Mice. With its slim form factor, light weight and the ergonomic shape it is the perfect choice for Hardcore-Gamers.The resolution of the Gaming-Mouse is adjustable by hardware in steps of 400, 800, 1600, 2400, 3,200 , 6,400, 8,000 and 12000dpi. A truly highlight is RGB colour system of the mouse. It adds the style to your skill.The innovative ergonomic right-hand design and the special soft-touch surface secures that Gamers hands will never slip off the mouse again. The elegant silk-black mouse also comes with a very flexible cable with a length of ca. 1.8m.l The special ergonomic right hand design gives you the full control of the game, even under pressure and fast moves.l 2mm working disctance is just perfect for fast moves in FPS games. The lower lift-cut off improves your accuracy significantly and reduces cursor jumping while lifting up your mouse.l On-the-fly setting Plug and play.l Professional built-in DPI settings, with 7 of the most popular DPI 400/800/1,600/3,200/6,400/8,000/12,000In just a few seconds, you can quickly adjust the DPI without wasting any time setting up in the software.Immediate adjustable speed and precision of the mouse allow you to fulfill your visual game tasks & favourite personalised preferences.l The RGB lightning of the mouse can be easily selected and adjusted.l Provides the most sensitive and reliable Omron micro-switch.

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