Projecta Power Sensing Trigger – Connects on power-in on projector to control screen with RF-signal


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Projecta 10800155 – Power Sensing TriggerThe Power Sensing Trigger will turn every installation into an easy control system. Usually a projector needs to have a 12 volt trigger output to send the projection screen a signal to unroll when the system is turned on. Not every projector however has this trigger output, but the Projecta Power Sensing trigger will now give every projection system that functionality.The Power Sensing trigger will be connected in between the power source and the projector. When the projector is turned on, the trigger senses power going to the projector and signal the projection screen to unroll. When the power is switched of the trigger will signal the projection screen to retract again.The Power Sensing Trigger 10800155 are designed for use in combination together with the All-in-One Control Box 10800154Projecta 10800155 – Power Sensing Trigger are avalible for Tensioned Descender Electrol Descender Electrol Tensioned Elpro Concept Elpro Concept Compact Electrol Extensa Tensioned Descender Large Electrol Descender Large Electrol Tensioned Elpro Large Electrol Elpro Large Electrol Master ElectrolSPECIFICATIONS Power supply AC 200-240V, 50 Hz Operating temperature 0 to 45 C RF Frequency 433.92 MHz Transmission power 10mW Power consumption 180mA Load capacity 2000WACCESSORIES 10800154 – All-in-One Control Box

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