PORT Designs 14″ 16/9 Privacy Filter 2D 310×175 mm /900003

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PRIVACY FILTER 2D – 14 16/9 – – 310 x 175 Professional Privacy Film is a confidentiality film for your laptop and office. Designed to protect the confidentiality of information displayed on the computer screen.Once in position, only the user sitting in front of the screen can see the information and any sideways view over a 30 angle is completely obscured by an opaque filter.Perfectly adapted for people on the go, it ensures that what is displayed on your computer screen remains confidential, even when you are on the move offices, open spaces, airports, planes, trains, cafs and other public places.Work productively from anywhere with no privacy concerns. Very easy to fit, it can be removed and reposititioned in an instant, numerous times, so others can see your screen. Slimline and resistant, the filter also protects your screen from scratches, stains and impact.It comes with anti-glare technology, which is very practical when you want to use your computer in a brightly-lit or sunny environment.

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