Netgear GC108PP Insight 1G-8P-Hi-PoE+ Cloud Switch


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Insight Managed Gigabit Ethernet Smart Cloud FlexPoE Switches Experience the most versatile and easy to manage Advanced Smart switches in the marketAs a leading provider of network equipment for SMBs, NETGEAR understands the importance of reliable and high performance networks. With the growth of virtualization, cloud-based services and applications like VoIP, video streaming and IP surveillance, SMB networks need to extend beyond simple reliability to simpler management and remote monitoring to ensure your network is always up. NETGEAR also understands that small business owners shouldnt have to understand networking and IT they need a network thats easy-to-setup and is reliable, so they can focus on their business, not their network. To that end, NETGEAR is introducing our most versatile and easy-to-manage switches ever, NETGEAR Insight Managed Smart Cloud switches, now with NETGEARs exclusive FlexPoE.Insight Managed Smart Cloud Switches are the first switches from NETGEAR with anywhere configuration and management. Using either the NETGEAR Insight app on your mobile device or tablet, or the Insight Cloud Portal from your PC, Mac, or tablet, you can quickly discover, setup, monitor and manage your Smart Cloud Switches from anywhere in the world With their remote cloud manageability, sleek design silent or whisper-quiet operation, they are the most versatile switches in the market for any environment. Whether at home, out of the office or on a business trip, you can still manage and monitor your network as if you were right there.Outstanding power flexibility with NETGEARs exclusive FlexPoEPowered by the industrys first flexible PoE integrated technology, you can increase or decrease the PoE budget by simply purchasing a new NETGEAR FlexPoE power supply, effectively futureproofing small business networks and budgets. With NETGEARs exclusive FlexPoE, these two switches help businesses cost effectively increase their power budget to expand their network as needed.All ports support PoE/PoE up to 30W per port, which makes them the perfect switches for deploying Wireless APs, Pan/Tilt/Zoom and fixed IP Cameras, VoIP Phones, access-limited security door locks or any other IoT PoE-powered devices. And with Insight remote/cloud management, you can enable/disable/reboot PoE on a per port basis or setup PoE schedules for the most efficient energy usage as needed.Both models have 8 copper Gigabit Ethernet PoE ports featuring NETGEAR FlexPoE power. The GC108P ships with a strong 64W of PoE budget, while the GC108PP features an astounding 126W of PoE power budget. Should you need more power in the future, rather than replace the entire switch, with NETGEAR FlexPoE you can just purchase the optional NETGEAR FlexPoE EPS130W Power Adapter, which will boost the PoE budget of your GC108P to thesame 126W as the GC108PP model.- 8-port switches- Smart cloud switches- Insight managed switches- PoE switches- Gigabit Ethernet switches- Home office switches

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