Neovo TFT 22′ DR-22G Dental Monitor


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Dental Monitors DR-SeriesDental monitors are designed for viewing images like x-rays of teeth to help dentists identify problems. With a computer during treatments, the monitors allow entering data to the medical charts, scheduling patient appointments, and showing digital dental images and patient education videos. For safety concerns, dental monitors can withstand cleaning and disinfection between patients is essential.The DR-Series dental display is specially designed for dental settings. Its image optimization capability allows dentists to get across patient diagnosis and treatment data more effectively, and its appealing white exterior and NeoV Optical Glass attests to the EN/IEC 60601-1-certified dental display displays excellence in form as well as in function. Attractive, durable and versatile, it meets every need over the course of dental consultation and treatment.Versatility and AdaptabilityThe DR-Series dental display is adaptable to fit every conceivable dental environment. Besides being mounted on the VESA mounting stand, the dental display can be installed with a VESA stand, on the dentists desk or mounted on a rotatable arm with handles for easy movement. Multiple connectivity options, including HDMI and DisplayPort, are provided for connecting to different types of devices and showing video content.Enhanced Colour Reproduction and Image ClarityThe dental display with exceptionally clear images help dentists communicate more effectively with patients. With cutting-edge gamma correction, black-level alignment adjustability, and high contrast ratio, the DR-Series dental display can capture darker details and deliver premium images, thereby enhancing treatment quality.Easy to Clean and Reliable DesignThe anti-acid and anti-alkali coating treatment of NeoV Optical Glass ensures that the DR-Series dental display withstand cleaning and disinfection. Bolstered by the metal casing and equipped with DC 24V medical-grade power supply, the DR-Series is durable, safe and reliable.Colour WhiteAvailable models DR-17G, DR-22G

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