Neovo 24” RX-24G Security Monitor Black1080p, BNC, S-Video input


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RX-Series RX-24G / RX-22GThe Prime Choice for Durability and VersatilityDesigned with special attention to security and industrial environments, the RX-Series are professional security monitors that feature commercial-grade LCD monitors with reliability, durability, and versatility. For commonly used 24/7 operations, RX-Series security monitors ensure constant and stable image display with robust design, ghost image prevention, and image enhancement for varied surveillance environments. With advanced image enhancement technology, the monitors deliver 1080p full HD high-quality image resolution and crisp details while enabling Super Resolution, CCTV mode, and night mode for meeting more surveillance demands.Accommodating the users needs offers BNC inputs and BNC loop out to connect other video surveillance equipment. And it also equips with an HDMI input to receive digital signals for full connectivity. The RX-Series are built to last long and available in flexible applications, such as machine room, control room, industrial operating environments, marine, and transportation.A professional security monitor is designed to use in a challenging and high impact environment for 24/7 use. The RX-Series monitor screens fit with NeoV Optical Hard Glass encased in a durable metal shell to prevent most types of damages, like scratching and high-velocity impact damage, and water and dust resistance in tough environments.Highly Versatile and Compatible with BNC and HDMI InputsThe RX-Series supports both analog and digital video input sources for connection to various video surveillance equipment, including DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-Video, and Composite BNC. With Its built-in BNC input/output, users enable to connect security cameras to the monitor directly for instant monitoring, testing and utilize the BNC loop out feature to feed the videos to DVR system or other devices while there is some cable limitation between analog cameras and monitors in a specific deployment. The BNC monitor is compatible with NTSC and PAL video standards, and it can automatically detect the video format and switch to NTSC or PAL standard. For better configuration, it is also equipped with an HDMI connector, allowing receiving digital input sources.CCTV ModeThe CCTV Mode can maximize image clarity in the scenario of low light surveillance footage. With this pre-configured CCTV mode, users can quickly fine tune their security solutions on the proven values adjustment of Backlight, Black level, Sharpness, Saturation, GAMMA, Noise Reduction and Super Resolution, etc., which saves them more time on testing and readjusting while proceeding on-site installation.Night ModeWhile applying to critical surveillance, such as sailing in the dark seas, users have higher requirements for their monitors image clarity in low-light environments. The Night Mode features dimming the Backlight Level in dark environments and remaining the clear viewing with high visibility for reliable navigation.Easy to Clean and DisinfectMost of the monitors or displays are hard to clean and disinfect because of the common household bleach, alcohol, or other ammonia-made cleaning products that may damage the screen surface. The cleaning products with stronger effects will destroy the screens anti-reflective or anti-glare coatings, causing the clouding effect problems. The RX-Series security monitors with NeoV Optical Hard Glass Screen can withstand ammonia, alcohol, bleach, and cleaning products with high PH levels, making them easily cleaned and disinfected with water, alcohol, and other cleaning solutions.Key featuresImage Enhancer Deinterlace / Noise Reduction / Image Rotation / FreezeBNC passive loop-through output portRS232 control support – provides compatibility with control systemsFront-sided IP22 Compliant IEC 60529 StandardEcoSmart Sensor automatically adjusts brightness level according to ambient lighting conditionsCCTV picture mode for maximum image detail and clarity in low light footageAvailable also in white

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