Neovo 22” RX-22E Black* HDMI, NeoV Optical glass


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With its specialised gamma correction and black-level alignment, the enhanced RX-Series renders images of the highest quality even under unfavourable lighting conditions. The series is built to last and perform in 24/7 security and surveillance environments. Its durability is enhanced by AG Neovos Anti-Burn-in technology, which prevents ghosting while performing nonstop mission-critical operations NeoV Optical Glass and metal casing shield it from scratches or other damages.Industry-leading ReliabilityThe RX-Series is specially designed to transcend the challenge of enduring 24/7 operations. AG Neovos Anti-Burn-in technology also prevents image ghosting while performing nonstop mission-critical operations. Its metal casing and NeoV Optical Glass not only protect the RX-Series from damage but also keep maintenance easy.Enhanced Gamma CorrectionSelectable gamma S-curve visually optimses different kinds of images. The AG Neovo specialised image settings enhance colour, brightness, sharpness and contrast ratio, allowing the RX-Series to improve the light, shadows and colour balance of videos.Flexible IntegrationThe RX-Series is equipped with 15-Pin D-Sub, HDMI & DP1.2a inputs for analogue and digital signal support respectively. It also has composite BNC inputs/outputs for video looping of surveillance cameras signals and DVRs.Flicker-Free BacklightThe flicker-free backlight of the RX-Series ensures a comfortable viewing experience by reducing eyestrain after long periods of use.

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