Multibrackets M Universal Swing Arm 180 Degrees Black VESA 200×100-400×400 Max 25kg


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This wallmount gives your TV multiple new viewing angles and possibilities. Never again do you need to view your TV in just one position.

Multibrackets delivers a high quality mechanical wall mount supporting 180 degrees viewing angling.

Todays trends towards more open spaces at home and less walls and at the same time customers are buying more larger sized TVs makes customers want to re-use the same TV for multiple viewing points at home.

If you are also in the need of multiple viewing positions you should look closer at the Multibrackets Universal Swing Arm 180 degrees.

Now you can watch the same TV from the sofa, your dinner table or even from your balcony, of course if your house or apartment has the open space to support it the Multibrackets Universal Swing Arm 180 Degrees will let you achieve that goal with ease.

The M Universal Swing Arm 180 Degrees uses a strong metal construction, yet light weight and very tight to your wall only 30mms. Placed right it extends up to 180 degrees and turn your TV in the exact opposite position it was starting from, amazing and for many users very needed and useful.

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Dimensioner90 × 33 × 5.5 cm
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