Multibrackets M Universal Public Wallmount Black Large, VESA 300×300-900×600 Max 80kg


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This is Multibrackets exceptional versatile wallmount covering a range of working areas. Still the mount is simple, easy to install and very cost efficient. We often are told this mount is an installers dream making it possible to reuse the knowledge and make different installations with the same product. Also the products packaging is so small it makes the perfect standard companion in any installers truck.

The Multibrackets M Universal Public Wallmounts are equipped with a level metering bubble as well as a generous multiple hole pattern to mount the wallmount with ease to nearly any wall in no time. No need trying to find the right spot, let the M Universal Public Wallmount do it for you

Thanks to the included Multibrackets Anti-theft system, you can also lock the screen to the wallmount. The M Universal Public Wallmount has 2pcs security padlocks included.

The included padlocks safely secure the screens on both ends at any public environment whether it is a pub or an airport.

With the help of the slide-in installation you can easily slide-in and out the screens for afterservice. A screen can use one or two M Universal Public Wallmounts if the need for extra safety is needed in public.

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