Multibrackets M Display Stand 180 Single Black VESA 200×200-700×400 Max 50kg


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Multibrackets Display Stand 180 Single Silver is the entry level floor stand from Multibrackets and one of the most flexible and multifunctional display stands of its kind. With the 180cm height the floor stand is useful for both for conference rooms and other situations where the viewers are sitting down or standing up.
When developed much emphasize has been put into the stability and overall quality of the display stand, both when put in place but also when in movement, with wheels included as standard. This means the series is very easy to move around. This makes it a perfect partner for use in public environments such as conference rooms, class rooms or hospitals.
The M Multibrackets Display Stand has many accessories like shelves, camera holder etc and thanks to the Multibrackets Anti-theft system, M Multibrackets Display Stand 180 Black can lock the screen to the display stand.
Works with most M Public Display Stand Accessories.
So dont just get any floor stand, but one with a more versatile usage area.

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