Multibrackets M Deskmount Gas Spring Single White


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Reposition your LCD with ease. Flexible, sleek and streamlined the M Deskmount Spring Single frees up space and allows positioning of your display for greater productivity. Up, down, forward and back is now just a matter of your choice.

Finally comfort and ergonomics and economy is possible to achieve. With The M Deskmount Spring Single you can easily set the screen to your specific work position. By doing so you save back, neck and eyes. The M Deskmount Spring Single is your new office partner giving greater flexibility. M Deskmount Spring Single is well-functioning with almost all standard LCD monitors on the market supporting VESA standards of 75/100mm holding screen weight from 1 kg up to 9 kg

Using a wrongful work position for a longer time for example a computer screen that is not eye level, could cause both neck and eye strain. Long term it could cause serious back problems.
Our well designed, high performance monitor mount offers a wide range of features rarely seen at this competitive price level. The arm easily adjusts allowing you to work in a more comfortable, ergonomically correct working position, sitting down or standing up.

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Dimensioner48.5 × 31.6 × 11.2 cm
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