Maxell MC-TW3506 – WXGA LCD 3700 AL 28dB (eco) 0,3:1 4,4kg Incl. Wallmount


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Ultra Short Throw Interactive LCD projector with a suite of advanced features delivering a complete interactive experience.Key Features 3,700 ANSI lumens white/color output WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution 0.2 1 from edge of projector to screen 0.3 1 from mirror cover to screen HAS-WM03 wallmount kit is included as standard. Projector can also be bought without wallmount kit 2311142INTERACTIVE SOFTWAREThis product includes a drawing application that offers more sophisticated drawing functions.Neatly Convert Letters or FiguresYou can automatically convert freehand shapes into geometric objects and handwriting into text on projected images. These operations are easily accomplished with the interactive pens.Select a Variety of Useful ToolsThe interactive pen lets you operate a compass, ruler, protractor, stopwatch, and other useful tools on the projected image, making lessons even easier to understand.ADVANCED WRITING/DRAWING CAPABILITIESThis projector comes with a built-in function allowing you to directly draw and write on the projected screen without a PC.Directly Draw on the Projected ScreenYou can write and draw on images projected from connected devices such as a document camera.Save and Open Drawn ScreensYou can save the image drawn on the projector screen. This enables you to easily manage what youve taught in the past.Finger Touch OptionThis projector incorporates the optional finger touch unit that enables the projector to detect finger touch activity on the screen area. It allows users to annotate and interact with the material presented. Instead of simply showing static images, students and teachers can interact with on screen material for hands-on interactivity that brings learning to life. When using the finger touch unit in a bright environment, auto-calibration may not be used. Must be used on a flat screen. The finger touch unit may not be used in locations where there is sunlight or light from an incandescent light source.Convenient Painter ToolEquipped with the Pen, Eraser, Undo, Redo, functions. You can also change the pen color and thickness. With the easy-to-use Painter tool bar, you can teach classes smoothly.Variety Rich TemplatesYou can conveniently use the interactive function with over 100 pre-installed templates including graphs, graphic organizers, plain color and many more.Multiple Interactive PensWith up to 6 interactive pens, pupils can do more than just watch-they can interact with the onscreen content. Let them enjoy providing answers, showing their understanding and becoming involved in lessons like never before.Windows Multi TouchWindows 8.1/10 multi touch allows users with touch enabled Windows 8.1/10 systems to operate the PC directly from the interactive screen with up to 6 pens or touches including Windows 8.1/10 gesture.Smart Device ControlPlugging the optional USB wireless adapter into the projector and using the dedicated free online application developed by Maxell, projectors can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone.

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