Makeblock 3mm Basswood (56 pcs)


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1.The production of basswood boards includes various steps such as rotary-cutting, bleaching, drying and compressing. The top and the bottom layers of a basswood board are relatively thin and made of basswood veneer, and the filling is solid basswood.The 3mm basswood boards in this kit can be used in laser processing and DIY projects and STEAM education workshops. This type of wood boards is environmentally friendly and widely used. .2.In most cases, a plywood has a face veneer and a back veneer. When picking a plywood, we should ensure the textures on the two sides are clear and smooth. Also, the veneers themself should be smooth to touch.3.Poor quality plywood is always visibly damaged. So when seeing damages, scars or bruises on veneers, we should pay extra attention to its quality. In addition, in the process of making a plywood, single veneers of different textures are vertically bonded together. So, we should carefully check whether the seams are properly sealed and uneven.4.Third, we should choose plywood that is properly glued. A squeaky plywood often indicates improper gluing and splits. So when hearing the plywood squeaking, we need to take a second look at its quality.5.Forth, we should choose plywood that has a uniform texture. Uniform texture is extremely important for furniture manufacturers.

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