LocknCharge Putnam 18-C Mk1 Chromebook Charging Station EU


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Designed to charge, store and secure up to 18 Chromebook, small laptop or tablet devices.Numbered Slots. By assigning each device its own slot number, its easy to know which devices are missing at the end of the day with only a quick glance inside the Charging Station. Please note the numbered panel does not light up.Organized Cable Management. The Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station has a removable side panel to easily access power bricks. The Power Module is pre-fitted with elastic straps for holding your power bricks in place, while neatly routing cables through to each shelf and is removable and replaceable for future upgrades.Kiss Those Tangled Cords Goodbye. Its virtually impossible to tangle the charging cables in the Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station. The cords are the just the right length to reach each deviceno more, no less, no mess.No Keys to Worry About. With an integrated mechanical combination lock, there are no keys to worry about. In the event of a forgotten combination, weve included a master override key.Compatible & Efficient. 1 Designed specifically for Chromebooks, small laptops or tablets up to 13. The Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station can charge 18 devices simultaneously.Case or no case. 1 Slot dimensions are optimized to work with most cases and covers.Itty Bitty Footprint. The tall, slim design of the Putnam 18-C Base is ultra compact, saving valuable real estate in space-strapped locations.Wall Mountable. Putnam Charging Stations have an optional wall-mounting kit available sold separately that allows you to mount the unit directly to the wall.Stackable Design. Larger classes can utilize two Putnam 18-C Bases to get to 36 slots. To save space, stack two Putnams on top of one anotheror if congestion around the station is your main concern, simply place multiple Putnams in different areas of the room to spread out the distribution of devices.Optional Pedestal. An optional pedestal is available to provide easier access to the bottom slots, and it allows you to charge all 36 devices with one outlet plug. It also keeps the unit higher off the floor so you dont have to bend down as far to access devices on the bottom shelves.Lifetime Warranty. Fully-welded steel construction and a built-in mechanical combination lock make this Charging Station ultra secure. Its also backed by a lifetime warranty worth writing home about.Save Time by Sharing Responsibility. By assigning a numbered slot to every student, each student can take ownership of plugging in their device. All the teacher has to be responsible for is unlocking the station in the morning and locking it up at the end of the day. External Product Dimensions787.5H x 406W x 455D mm Dimensions of each slot 350 mm x 270 mm x 33.4 mmSpecifications and images are for illustration purposes only. Final product may differ. May not fit all devices and cases. Please check compatibility. Contact us for more details. Visit www.lockncharge.com for warranty details.

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