LG 86” 86UH5E-B, 3840×2160, 500nits, 24/7, Speaker, Wi-Fi, WebOS 4.0, OPS-Kit (Opt)

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Vibrant Colors and Powerful Performance Bring ContentWith superb picture quality and cutting-edge processing power, the UH5E series delivers a value-added visual experience without the need for peripherals. It delivers vivid content with no reflections, even under bright lights, enhancing its ability to capture the attention of passersby.Key Features BrightnessTyp. 500 cd/m Interface HDMI3/DP/DVI-D/USB 2.02/ RS232C/ RJ45/ Audio/ IR Built-in Speaker 2x10W SoC with WebOS 4.0Wireless SolutionContent Sharing – Content Mirroring among devices is more convenient on a Wi-Fi network. Real-time Promotion – With Beacon and BLEBluetooth Low Energy, shop managers can provide coupons and information in real-time.Wireless Access Point – The UH5E series operates as a virtual router which can be an wireless access point for mobile devices.Compatibility with AV Control SystemThe UH5E series has been certified Crestron Connected for a higher level of compatibility with professional AV controls to achieve seamless integration and automated control1, boosting business management efficiency.Compatibility with Video Conference SystemFor the optimum visual meeting, the UH5E has certified its compatibility with Cisco Spark Room Kits, a system that offers powerful and integrated control1 for a smarter video conference, eliminating a waste of time to set up the picture quality or to change input on incoming calls.Detachable Logo & Built-in SpeakerThe detachable logo allows for installation in the desired orientation in landscape or portrait mode, making it easy for the user to arrange the signage. Also, sounds can be played from built-in speakers 75UH5E and 86UH5E, giving advertisements greater impact.Easy Content ManagementThe embedded CMSContent Management System allows you to create and edit content using internal or external sources as well as set playlists to play at the desired schedule without the need for a separate PC. Thanks to the intuitive GUI and a menu structure based on usage scenarios, content management has been made much easier.Powerful webOS Smart Signage PlatformThe embedded Group Manager makes a master display work as a server and manage other displays connected on the same network. This way you can group and control multiple displays in your place of business and distribute playlists to them all at once, using input devices such as a remote control.Multi Screen ModePBPPicture-By-Picture features multi screen in a single display with upto 4 input sources while PIPPicture-In-Picture supports playing both main screen and sub screen at the same time with various layouts. This gives great flexibility to allocate space for each content source.

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