LG 75″ 75XF3C-B, 3840×2160, 3000nit, 24/7, Wi-Fi (dongle), SoC/WebOS 3.0, Window Displ. (Open Frame)

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High Brightness XF3C is a new outdoor sign, that can be utilized as a digital menu board for a drive-thru and a digital banner for outdoor kiosks near stations or buildings. It guarantees stability when exposed to external high temperatures and effectively reduces costs with a space-saving design and low power consumption.Key FeaturesHigh Operationing Temperature – Its high reliability under high operatingtemperatures reduces the material costs of the enclosure.Dust & Humidity Protection – The conformal coating enhances circuit board reliability by protecting it from dust, iron shavings, humidity and other harsh conditions.Increased Brightness – The brightness has been increased to 3,000 cd/m2 compared to previous models, making the XF3C the ultimate screen for outdoor visibility.Wide Viewing Angle – IPS technology provides better control of the liquid crystals which allows the screen to be viewed from virtually any angle.Color Accuracy – IPS technology displays accurate color for each pixel closest to the original image and reproduces the original color without distortion.No Blackening Effect – Even under direct sunlight exposure, LG commercial monitors remain free of blackening defects under 110C and provide superior quality for outdoor usage.Low Power Consumption Using The M Panel – The M panel offers excellent energy efficiency and cost savings and decreases power consumption by 30% compared to conventional RGB panels.Smart Brightness Control – The auto-brightness sensor and preset time scheduler save power whenever possible.Slimmer Depth – The slimmer depth saves space for installation and makes the enclosure design slimmer.Real-Time Remote Monitoring – When an alarm occurs, an e-mail notification is sent through the SNMP using the SuperSign C or SI software. In case a malfunction or error occurs, real-time remote care is available.Saving System Log Files – The XS3C supports log file back-up for fault clarification when the display fails. This allows you to conveniently check when an error has occurred.

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