LG 55” 55VH7E-H, 1920×1080, 700nits, 24/7, OPS kit, WebOS 2.0, 1.8mm Bezel

LG Electronics

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Artistic Immersion, Overwhelming CaptivationThe impressive immersion generated by the extremely narrow 0.9 mm even-bezel becomes even more powerful with a high haze value. The 55VH7E-H delivers vivid content with no reflections, even under bright lights, allowing it to effectively captivate viewers and drive traffic to areas where it is installed.Key Features BrightnessTyp. 700 cd/m Surface TreatmentHaze 44% Bezel 0.9 mm Even Depth 86.5 mm Interface HDMI2/ DP/ DVI-D/ USB 2.0/ RS232C/ RJ45/ Audio/ IRSeamless Large Screens with Extreme-Narrow BezelThe borderless design, with its 0.9 mm even bezel and 1.8 mm BtB Bezel to Bezel, verified by Nemko, minimizes bezel interference and delivers immersive and seamless content on assembled video wall screens.Image Gap ReductionThe 55VH7E-H includes an image improvement algorithm that can reduce image gaps among tiled displays when playing back videos. Objects located on the bezel boundaries are adjusted for a seamless viewing experience.Higher Viewing AngleLarge screens are usually positioned higher than human-eye level, making uniform picture quality essential for video walls. The viewing angle of the 55VH7E-H is high enough to display vivid colors throughout the screen with no distortion.Clear View with Anti-Glare CoatingViewers can easily become frustrated by unnecessary reflections when watching a screen under brightly lit conditions. The 55VH7E-H has resolved this problem by increasing the haze value up to 44,enhancing content visibility and text readability.Smart Sinage PlatformThanks to its built-in SoC and webOS smart signage platform, the 55VH7E-H can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth content playback without the need for a media player. As webOS supports HTML5 as a webbasedplatform and offers SDKSoft Development Kit, it is even easier for SIs to build and optimize.Easy Color AdjustmentDepending on the content, the color temperature of the display can be easily adjusted in increments of 100K using a remote control.

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