Kramer Yarden VT-2, Vibrating Transducer Speker, With Line Transformer 8Ohm/70/100V, White, Single U


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Yarden VT2 is a revolutionary vibrating transducer speaker that transforms any solid resonant surface into a powerful, highquality speaker. The compact Yarden VT2 can be discreetly attached to the surface or underside of any table, wall or door and utilizes vibration to emit sound evenly from that surface. Yarden VT2 is safe to use on nearly any surface and eliminates the hassle of positioning conventional speakers around a room. The Yarden VT2 includes a selectable 70V/100V line transformer for Hi or LoZ applications. Key FeaturesVibrating Transducer – Nearly any surface, wall or table becomes a quality speaker.Power Rating – 10W 8.Very Compact.Easy Versatile Installation – Under the table, on-wall, in-wall.Selectable Line Transformer – Choice of 70V/100V using a line transformer, or 8 when switching to bypass the transformer.Transformer Taps – 1,5W, 3W or 6W Kramer Patent Pending.

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Dimensioner18 × 14.5 × 10.5 cm
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