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The TBUS-10xl is the enclosure of a new modular system with a manually retracting lid. A complete TBUS system requires the enclosure, an inner frame, a power socket, inserts and a power cord. NOTE The TBUS enclosure, inner frame, power sockets, power cord & inserts are purchased separately.OBS Konfigurera enkelt din bordsbrunn med moduler och ramar i Konfiguratorn nedan.Quick Facts– Rectangular – Retractable Lid – Modular Design- Size – T-BUSKey Features– Cover – Manually opens & closes. – Inner Frames – T10F22M can accommodate a combination of up to 2 power sockets, 2 inserts, 1 opening for a Kramer MegaTOOL SIDX1N T10F33 contains 3 – power sockets and 3 inserts. – Power Sockets – 11 different TS single and 10 dual power socket options are available to accommodate the power requirements worldwide. – Power Cord – 8 different CAC single power cords and 3 Y power cords for each power socket. UL and CE qualified. – Connector Depth – Adjustable. – Installation Requirement – Table cutout of 245mm x 154mm 9.65 x 6.07. – Dimensions – Top plate 171.6mm x 261mm 6.8 x 10.3 W, D. – Weight – TBUS10xl 1.35kg 2.8lbs approx. table clamps 0.25kg 0.6lbs approx. – Accessories – TBUS clamps part of the TBUS enclosure, cutout template, template screws, selflocking ties. – Options – Inner frames, passive wall plates and interfaces, power socket kits, power cord, T2INSERT kit, TRC8IR kit, TRC76 kit, TRC78 kit, Kramer KAble Box furnituremounted cable extension. NOTE The TBUS enclosure, inner frame, power sockets, power cord & inserts are purchased separately.

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Dimensioner 38.5 × 29.5 × 22 cm
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