Kramer SL-240C, Master Room Controller


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SL240C is a compact master/space controller Kramer Control brain with PoE. It can operate over Ethernet with control interfaces that include four bidirectional RS232, four IR, four GPI/O, and four relays. It controls devices such as scalers, video displays, audio amplifiers, Bluray players, sensors, screens, shades, door locks, and lights. Multiple Kramer Ethernet control gateways can be used to add remote I/O ports.Key Features Space Controller – Controls any AV device/display with its corresponding logic. High Performance Architecture – Enables a scalable and flexible programming platform. 4 RS-232 Bidirectional Control Ports – For controlling devices via bi-directional serial control protocols. 4 IR Emitter & 1 IR Receiver Control Ports – Control devices via IR control protocols and learn commands from IR remotes. 4 GPI/O Control Ports – Control devices via general purpose I/O ports, program configured as digital input, digital output or analog input interface for controlling sensors, door locks, audio volume and lighting control devices. 4 Relay Control Ports – Control devices via relay contact closure, such as opening and closing drapes, shades, blinds, and projection screen scrolling. Resilient powering with PoE and optional PSU not included. Network Support – 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet. LED Indicators – I/O port state and system status. Software Management Support – Kramer Control, API.

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