Kramer PT-2C, 4K60 4:2:0 Extended EDID Processor


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The PT2C is an EDID processor for 4K HDMI signals. It allows you to pass or block HDCP, multichannel audio or deep color signals that may or may not be compatible with the display. Key Features 4K60 420 10.2Gps CEC & ARC support Lock EDID/ Pass EDID HDCP Pass / HDCP Off MAC mode Output 5V shoutdown delay setting Audio pass / limited to 2 channels LPCM Deep color pass / Locked Color space pass or forece RGB Signal reclocking 2 products in 1 Free editing software – EDID DesignerWhat can be done with PT-2C added to a system? Lock a specified resolution in a AV-system Force a customized EDID setup to a AV-system Copy and modify EDID information Store different EDID setups Cut HDMI 5v out w/o delay when no source Simulate an active display if no display is connected Customize audio, deep color, color spce etc. To modify and copy information EDID Designer is needed Managining EDID in a complex AV-system

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