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Seamless office overview at a glance. Effortless wayfinding. Show key meeting information and the availability of up to 9 meeting rooms on a single, elegant 13-inch display. Zero installation costs, no wires and up to 12 months of battery autonomy.Key Features Integrates with your calendars Exchange, G Suite, Office 365, iCalendar. Advanced E Ink electronic paper Full capacitive touch screen interface. Ultra low energy architecture Only 1% of power used by the screen. Easily attachable to any surface without cables. Securely connects to your WiFi network High visibility and contrast Uses a anti glare hard-coated front-surface. High performance rechargeable battery Up to 12 months of autonomy on a single charge. Key meeting information Immediately see key meeting information such as room name and location, meeting name and time, and room status indicated in black in use or white vacant. Support for multiple rooms See the status and meeting information for up to 9 meeting rooms. Branding and customization Reflect your brand and customize Joan with your logo and a custom message that greets your guests and shows your company culture. Joans Room Analytics Weekly meeting insights to help you improve the way you meet and work. With no. of meetings, meetings hours, room utilization rates, meeting no-shows, weekly meeting patterns. Warm Welcome Email Welcome your meeting guests before they arrive. Send instructions on how to reach the office, who to call, and add a personal message or include your company branding.The only battery-powered room scheduler out there. With months of battery life on a single charge and zero cables. Yes, you heard right – zero cables.Quick, effortless setupConnect Joan to your existing Wi-Fi and company calendar in a few clicks, and bam, youre done. Joan easily integrates with Google Suite, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and iCalendar.Room availability in real timeSchedule your meetings like you always have – in the company calendar – and Joan will show the real-time schedule of your meeting rooms. Prevent double bookings. Create happier meetings.

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