Hyper – Hyperdrive Ultimate Hub (Silver)


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Universally Versatile– Allow MacBook, PC and most USB-C devices to work with popular legacy connectionsMost Compact 11-in-1 Hub– Turns a single USB-C connection into 11 ports USB- C with power delivery, VGA, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet, 3 x USB 3.1, SD, microSD, audio jack USB-C Power Delivery– Allows MacBook/PC/device charging while using the hub4K Video– Connect MacBook, PC and most USB-C devices to HDMI, mini DisplayPort, VGA displays, up to 4K video resolution Connect up to 1 x 4K30Hz display on Mac/PC or 2 x 1080p60Hz displays on PCAluminum– Aluminum enclosure with built- in 170mm/6.7 flexible USB-C connector cable, available in the same Space Gray or Silver color & appearance as MacBook & MacBook ProNote Mac OS can only connect to 1 extended video display or 2 mirrored displays via this hub Mac OS limitation. Windows PC can connect up to 2 extended displays via this hub. Only one memory card either microSD or SD on a first come first serve basis can be connected to the hub at any one time.

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