Hyper – Hyperdrive Pearl Compact Mirror USB Battery 3000mAh (Gold)


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Hyper Pearl Make-up Mirror & Power Bank Hyper Pearl is a luxurious combination of a power bank with pocket mirrors that should not be missing from any modern womens handbag. One mirror magnifies 3x and LEDs are illuminated all around the edges. The whole device may be packed with electronics but looks like a classic powder box.Pearl will save your makeup, but above all it will save any smartphone or mobile 5V device. Included in the package is a cable for charging both the power bank and a device with a Lightning, 30-pin or micro USB connector.Keep the external battery with mirrors and the universal cable in a suede travel case that has a bead closure in the colour of the power bank.External battery for every purseWith a capacity of 3000 mAh and a powerful 2.1 A output, the Pearl can fully charge your smartphone and even handle tablets and other devices. The package includes a universalcabel for charging the power bank and devices with a Lightning, 30-pin or micro USB connector.As a result, you do not have to deal with another cable to recharge the power bank itself. Charge the external battery in 2-3 hours via the micro USB input. Thanks to its surprisingly low weight, it does not burden even the smallest handbagA device that suits youThe suede padded travel case with a pocket and bead closure matches with the designs of individual Hyper Pearl versions. The USB cable fits perfectly into the front pocket of the case.But the ladies will probably most appreciate the fact that Pearl looks like a classic pocket cosmetic mirror. A pair of illuminated mirrors allow you to check your makeup under any circumstances. The lid is secured by a magnet to prevent from unprompted openings. Mirror lighting is turned on by pressing the power button twice.The luxurious impression is underlined by a precise and elegant shape. The cassette package, which makes Pearl a perfect gift, will leave a great impression.The current capacity of the Pearl battery is indicated by 4 blue LEDs on the side1x LED 1 to 25 %2x LED 26 to 50 %3x LED 51 to 75 %4x LED 76 a 100 %Feature overviewLuxurious power bank in womens design2 mirrors – normal and 3x magnificationThe magnifying mirror is illuminated by the LED on the edgesThe power bank turns on automatically when the device is connectedUnobtrusive on / off buttonSuede padded travel case in a matching designUSB 2.0 charging cable with 3 outputs – Lightning, 30-pin, micro USBLightweight and compact dimensions

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