G-Hold Ergonomic Handhold for Microsoft Surface (Low-profile Velcro) /Green


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G-Hold Ergonomic Handhold for Microsoft Surface Low-profile Velcro /GreenProduct Ergonomic handhold to reduce strain on hand & wristAdjustable for access to kickstandFolds flat for storage & sleek designRotates 360 degrees to view at any angleUniversal compatibility for any device or caseVELCRO Brand low-profile tech for durabilityMade in the UKIs G-Hold Designed for Microsoft Surface right for you?The G-Hold Designed for Microsoft Surface is a perfect solution for those with a Microsoft Surface as it allows you to hold your device comfortably in one hand while keeping your other hand free to scroll, type or use the Surface Pen. The VELCRO brand base allows you to readjust your G-Hold when you would like access to the kickstand. The VELCRO brand material is thin, yet highly durable and has been tested to hold up to 1.8kgs 4lbs.If you do not need access to a kickstand and would rather use Suction to apply the G-Hold to your device, you may choose to opt for our G-Hold with Micro Suction base.StoryWeve actually been holding hands since 2010. Our founder Alison Grieve, a former waitress, invented a special grip to prevent drinks trays from toppling over. She patented the technology and called it Safetray. It quickly became a global hit, kickstarting our mission to change the way the world holds things.While promoting the Safetray around the globe, Alison purchased a tablet to make it easier to work on the move. She loved its convenience but found it somewhat awkward to hold. Applying her expertise in holding things, Alison created the G-Hold as an elegant, ergonomic solution, enabling your mobile devices to become truly mobile.A study by the biomechanics department of the University of the West of Scotland proved G-Hold to greatly reduce the strain on the hand and wrist caused by gripping tablets. So, it doesnt just look good – it feels good tooThe G-Holds are manufactured, assembled and hand-finished entirely in the UK, ensuring only the very best quality products reach the hands of our customers. We also have a dedicated customer service team committed to answering any questions you have about the product.WORK . PLAY . LEARN . CREATEThe whole world in your handFAQG-Hold Tablet Holder Designed for Surface – VELCRO brand base 1.How does it attach?The G-Hold with VELCRO brand material is attached with an adhesive velour pad. The G-Hold is repositionable using VELCRO brand. To apply, remove the backing paper from the Velour pad and attach it to the center of your device or case. Leave in position 20 minutes before use. Place G-Hold directly on top of Velour pad when holding your device for best leverage. Reposition G-Hold by moving it to a higher position on the Velour pad to access kickstand.2.Can I remove it easily? The G-Hold itself can be removed and repositioned as it is VELCRO brand material. The Velour pad that attaches to your Surface, however, is adhesive. To remove, pick at the sides of the pad as if removing a strong sticker until you have enough of a hold to remove the pad entirely. Please be aware once removed the Velour pad cannot be re-used and you would need to purchase an additional pad. Please take care if you are removing the pad to ensure you do not damage the device or case to which it is attached. If applied to a fabric case, we would advise non-removal.3.How do I attach the G-Hold to another device?If you wish to attach your G-Hold to another device, please purchase another adhesive Velour pad from our website. 4.How do I access my kickstand?You can easily reposition G-Hold to a higher position on the Velour pad to allow use of the kickstand.5.Can I still put my surface in a sleeve with G-Hold on it?Yes, G-Hold folds flat and is very thin so can easily be stored in your sleeve or bag.

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