Func Flatscreen CH VST2 – Landscape 970-1570mm, 100×70 – 800x400mm, max 50kg, White


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Strong functionality.Our classical ceiling mount Func CH VST2 is both strong and neat at the same time. The functionality is outstanding The Func CH VST is tiltable to provide the best viewing angle and cables are discreetly fed through the pipe. The Func CH VST2 is simply a reliable choice for your heavy display.The ceiling plate allows you to mount the bracket even if the ceiling is inclined, and the unislide is user friendly and easy to mount. The Func Flatscreen H Unislide is included in the package.Available in both landscape and portrait mode.Note Cables are fed through the pillar. The unislide is prepared with a hole that makes it possible to secure the display with a padlock not included. Can be mounted in environments with slanted ceilings.Note SMS Flatscreen H Unislide is not compatible with this ceilingmount.In the box1 x PL061088-P1 – Func CH VST2 Black RAL90051 x PL061032-P2 – Func Standard Pipe CHVST2/D2 970-1570mm Black1 x PL210208 – Func Flatscreen H Unislide Black

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Dimensioner91 × 21.3 × 25.4 cm
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