EVE – Smoke 3-pack HomeKit


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Connected Smoke DetectorRest assured that youre always covered. With constant self-testing and convenient status display on your iPhone, Eve Smoke makes peace of mind a core component of your connected home.Eve Smoke puts vital information in the palm of your hand. Dual photoelectric smoke and differential heat sensors detect both smoldering and flaming fires. And one glance at the app confirms that each component is functionally sound. With Eve Smoke, experience absolute peace of mind, for years upon years. HomeKit-enabled smoke detector created in collaboration with Hager Smoke & heat sensors Self-testing see sensor and battery status in the Eve app Silence false alarms safely from your iPhone or iPad Get notifications on your iPhone requires a home hub – Apple TV or HomePod Multi-room alarms use your home hub to sync multiple Eve Smoke alarms Direct connection via BLE technology – no bridge or gateway required 10-year battery lifeTechnical Specifications iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 10.3 or later Automation and remote access Apple TV with tvOS 10 or later or an iPad with iOS 10 or later set up as a home hub Sensors Photoelectric particle sensor, Thermal differential sensor Siren 85 dBA at 3m Power Built-in 10-year battery Wireless Connection Bluetooth Low Energy Dimensions & Weight 116 x 49 mm 255 g

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