Euroscreen RF AutoLink Trigger for Smart motors (Old model)


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Using the Smart AutoLinkThe AutoLink light will be green when it detects a power usage less than the calibrated effect modeWhen the projector is turned on and the power exceeds the calibrated effect mode, the AutoLink will send a down signal to the screen. Now the light changes to red.When the projector is turned off to standby and the power is less than the calibrated effect mode, the AutoLink will send an up signal to the screen. The light now change back to green.InstallationTo pair the Autolink to a screen motor use an existing RF remote transmitter already programmed to the screen motor. NOTE A tip is to do the pairing process separately as a step 1 and thereafter connect the Autolink to the projector to do the power calibrating process as a step 2.STEP 1 – Pair the Autolink to the screen motorPress the remote controls P2 button twice under the battery lid Briefly press P2 on the AutoLink transmitter, the screen should now confirm with a beep and a jogThe pairing process can be confirmed by rolling the screen up by using the UP button on the AutoLink transmitterSTEP 2 – Cailibrating Autolink to the projectors power levelConnect the AutoLink transmitter to the projector power input. While the projector is in Standby mode, hold the P2 button on the AutoLink transmitter until it beeps. Now the AutoLink transmitter is calibrated to send a trigger signal when the projector consumes 10W more than in the standby mode.

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