Euroscreen -ER, AutoLink Trigger for ER motors


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Automated controlEuroscreen AutoLink Trigger -ER is a RF radio based trigger that is connected to the projectors mains power cable.The Autolink detects when the projector switches on and starts to draw current. It then sends a wireless RF-signal to the control box that is connected to the projector screen. 2327473 -ER Control BoxThe same happens when the projector is shut of and stops to draw current.This results in that the projector screen goes down/up when the projector is tured on/off automatically, without any need for a separate remote control or any other manual input.-A very elegant, easy and wireless control solutionNote For use with Euroscreen installation motor, you will need a RF-remote 2327469 for configuration.Radio technology for hidden installationsRF radio technology gives up to max 35-50m reach between the 12V autolink trigger and the control box, even if there are obstacles in between.This gives the possibility to for example to install the control box hidden, out of sight above a tiled ceiling.

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