Draper Ultra Comfort Electric – 200×200 cm, 1:1 Unmasked


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ULTRA COMFORT ELECTRIC a perfect projection screen for your professional business or pleasurable home entertainment. The projection screen is refined in a shiny white finish and the steel casing has a subtle design with soft edges. Integrated universal end caps give you the choice to install the screen either on wall or ceiling. This electric projection screen is delivered with a user-friendly IR remote control with the screen positions up stop down. The IR remote control is easily pinpointed to one specific place by using the included device holder. The screen surface is of a strong matt white front material with a black backing with a gain of 1.0. The result is a screen surface which reproduces an image with good colour rendition and clear contrast of white and black.Key FeaturesWhite, steel casing with soft edged shape.Fixed mountingpoints in the casings outer edges, for easy installation on wall/ceiling.Case size D x H 74 x 74 mmCase lenght Screen width 91 mmGround dowel, very close to the wall.Wall consoles Option, for adjustment of distance between the screen and the wall.Easy control via supplied IR-remote control and integrated IR-reciever.Connection for external IR-reciever option. Screen can also be controlled via Contact Closure or 12V trigger.Cable length Screen case – Control box 24cm. Cable length Control box – Wall outlet 290cmArctiq – Euroscreens standard matt white surface with fibreglass support and black-backed. It diffuses projected light in all directions, so the image can be seen from any angle. Requires control of ambient light in the audience area. Suitable for wear & tear installations, such as public restaurants and pubs. Available to almost all roller-operated front screensExcellent clarity and uniform brightness over a broad viewing coneBlack backing for blocking out lightWashable, flame and mildew resistant

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